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Thanking our Contributors

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the effort needed to launch and maintain the Archives over the years: contributions of images, videos, convention documentation, and other physical collections; assistance in the processing and description of the collections; technical support; personal support; and the donation of funds. Many thanks to each and every person and organization: we could not do this without you.

Andrew Trembley
Angelique Trouvere
Anne Davenport
Astrid Anderson Bear
Barb Schofield
Betsy Marks
Bjo Trimble
Breighton "Rusty" Dawe
Brian Mix
Bruce Mai
Bruce Hinterleitner
Bruce MacDermott
Byron Connell
Carl Mami
Carl Coling
Carol Inkpen
Carol Salemi
Carole Parker
Cat Devereaux
Cathy Swope
Celia Tiffany
Changa Lion
Charles Carroll
Charles Mohapel
Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden
Chicon 7 Worldcon 70
Christine Mak
Costume-Con 22
Cyndi Gille-Rowley
Dana Hinterleitner
Dave Kanoy
Dawn McKechnie
Deech Mestel
Denice Girardeau
Dik Daniels
Don McClane
Don Glover
Drew Sanders
Elaine Mami
Ellen Rosner
Eric "Dr. Gandalf" Fleischer
Eric Cannon
Genie Hillen
Geri Sullivan
Greg Bradt
Greg Krumrey
Henry Osier
Jack Krolak
Jackie McKowin
Jade Falcon
James Inkpen
Jamie Hanrahan
JD Street
Jeff Morris
Jeff Bergeron
Jeff Finazzo
Jill Eastlake
Joe Struss
John Upton
John Fong
John Vengrouskie
John Trimble
John O'Halloran
Jon Stopa
Joseph Aspler
Julie Zetterberg Sardo
Karen Schnaubelt
Karen Heim
Kat Bushman
Kathe Gust
Kathy Mix
Katrina Whaley
Kelli Lynch
Kelly Gilley
Ken Warren
Kevin Roche
Leslie Johnston
Lin Daniel
Linda Peterson
Linda Zang
Lisa Ashton
Los Angeles Science Fiction Society
Lucie Fontaine
Mac McGowen
Margret Richardson
Marie Willbrand
Mark Calderola
Marty Gear
Mary Morris
Michael Bruno
MidAmericon 2 Worldcon 74
Mike Resnick
Mike Evans
Mikhail Lynn
Milt Stevens
Nick Butcher
Nora Mai
Northern Lights Costumers Guild
Pat Kennedy
Paul Reckverdt
Peggy Kennedy
Philip Gust
Pierre Pettinger
Rae Bradbury-Enslin
Rich Zellich
Richard Man
Ricky Dick
Ron Miller
Sally Fink
Sandy Pettinger
Sasquan Worldcon 73
Scott Corwin
Sheila Lenkman Corwin
Skip Morris
St. Louis Costumers Guild
Stephen Lesnik
Stephen Jacobson
Steve Swope
Steward Hartman
Sue Savage
Susan de Guardiola
Syd Weinstein
Ted Cornell
Tim Darr
Tina Connell
Trudy Leonard
Vera Campbell
Vicki Warren