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Gallery FAQ

Do I need to create a user account in order to look at the Collection?

No. Just click on the links to navigate through the site.

What are the Contributed Collections?

These are images donated to the Archives from personal collections.

Potential Nudity and Sensitive Materials

Just a prudent warning to the visitor: There are some pictures, particularly from the 1950s – 1970s, that are revealing or may contain nudity, but they are in the context of a costume. If you are a concerned parent, please be aware of this. We do not censor the photos, nor have we separated them into one folder.

The online collections of the International Costumers’ Guild Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library are made accessible to the public as a record of science fiction fan and historical costuming. Some materials may contain offensive images, language, or other content. These records document a time and place in history, serving as a portrayal of the social mindsets and occurrences of their time. They do not mirror the current views of the ICG, which seeks to encourage a vibrant and diverse community.

How often is new material added to the Gallery?

The archivists are processing collections--organizing materials, digitizing analog materials, describing images, etc--to be added to the Gallery. Currently the Gallery Facebook Page is the best source for letting people know when new photos have been added, changes have been made, or anything else that the Archivist or the Site Admin wants to let you know. There are other platforms being developed.

Contact: icg-archivist@costume.org